On Sunday, June 10, 2012, it gave us, the Board, staff and members of the Parkdale-Maplewood Community Museum, great pleasure to unveil a project that has been several years in the making...a memorial site in our heritage garden dedicated to Lloyd and Muriel Wentzel.

Lloyd and Muriel were instrumental in maintaining and in helping the Museum to grow into what it has become today.  Muriel served as the Museum Curator for many years.  Lloyd served as the Museum Society's Chair for 51 years.  They supported the Museum with their expertise & talents, energies, finances and influence.


The main hall of the Museum, built in the 1980's, has been named the Lloyd and Muriel Room.  Last year, the book we had published with the help of the New Horizon's for Seniors Program from the government, "Memories Not Forgotten" was dedicated to Lloyd and Muriel.  The idea for this memorial site was born after Lloyd passed away several years ago.   We wanted to honour the significant contributions he and Muriel made to the Museum, and indeed to the entire community of Parkdale-Maplewood.

A short ceremony unveiling the memorial site...designed & created by Lange's Rock Farm in conjunction the Museum liaison Board member Paul Smith, and with the plaque from Demone Monuments, was held at 2:00 PM.   The Museum's Aunt Dinah, Vice-Chair, Vivian Rafuse acted as hostess to the event.  Speeches were given by Museum Society Chair, Carolea Kaulback and by Municipal Councillor, Wade Carver.  A resolution that was introduced into the Nova Scotia Legislature by MLA Pam Birdsall was read by Carolea Kaulback.  Carolea and Museum Society Secretary-Treasurer, Wendy Looke unveiled the plaque.  A reception of light refreshments was provided.  Inside the Museum, a painting of Lloyd and Muriel by artist, Valerie Winters, that was commissioned by the Museum was presented for the first time.


Painting of Lloyd & Muriel Wentzel by Valerie Winters





"Aunt Dinah" - Museum Society's Vice-Chair, Vivian Rafuse





                                                          Matthias & Sylvia Lange 



                                        Museum Society's Chair, Carolea Kaulback                    Carolea Kaulback & Museum Society's Secretary-Treasurer, Wendy Looke



                                                  Municipal Councillor, Wade Carver                                                            Blessing given by Pastor Sam Jess


                                    Matthias & Sylvia Lange of Lange's Rock Farm                                   The Langes with Museum Board member, Paul Smith


          Wentzel nieces and nephew of Lloyd & Muriel                                                                 Wentzel family



The location of the Lloyd & Muriel Wentzel Memorial Site is in front of the Maccabee Hall portion of the Museum Complex.