On September 24, 2011 the book "Memories Not Forgotten" was launched at
the Community Hall.

The "memories" of 27 seniors - several of whom
have since passed away - were recorded and the book published. Twelve of
the 27 seniors interviewed and recorded were on hand for the launch.

Several more were represented by family or friends. Museum Curator
Barbara Wentzell, who did much of the administration for the project,
welcomed everyone. She introduced the 12 participants who were
present to rounds of hearty applause.

Project coordinator Marlean
Rhodenizer described the project and the importance of recording the
experiences of our senior residence.



Barb Cullen who led the
interview/recording team then spoke movingly about how much everyone
seemed to enjoy the project and what a pleasure it was to be so
welcomed by the interviewees. She thanked her team, Marlean
Rhodenizer, Dominique Zwicker, Donna Finck and her husband John for
their contributions.


MP Gerald Keddy and Mayor Don Downe joined the
party later. Barbara Wentzell thanked Gerald for his assistance in
getting the grant which enabled the book to be published. Also
present were MLA Pam Birdsall and Councillor Wade Carver.


A light
lunch was served by Museum staff with Dominique Zwicker and Jillyan
Kaizer serving the special seniors present.




This project was funded primarily by a federal grant called the New Horizons for Seniors Program.


Copies of the book,  "Memories Not Forgotten", are sold out! 

We thank all who supported our Museum and our project through the purchase of our book.